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Thank you for your interest in our service. To list your products, you need to sign up as a seller. Once done, you will then be presented with instructions on how to do so.
Whether you are launching a new product or accelerating the sales for an old one, you need the sales and you need the buzz. RebateKey gives you just that. Giving rebates is the best way to get attention of the new buyers and these buyers are more likely to spread the word about your product.
We are based in Sheridan, WY. However we do not have phone support. All the payouts are sent out via an automated check system.

Our site is built to help you get full priced sales using rebates instead of coupons. Full priced sales can help you rank faster than discounted sales. But please note that we are not a review generating platform.

With our platform, you can enter any URL you want to send the buyers to claim your rebate. The buyers will enter their order ID into our system to start the rebate process. You will also be able to communicate with buyers using our buyer/seller messaging to help them with the process or answer questions.

We also provide landing pages for you to drive your own traffic in order to get more claims per day.

The fee is $2.95 per buyer claim. You prepay the amount equal to your per day rebates. Each time a rebate is claimed we charge the card on file to replenish your funds.

After the buyer enters their order number and the money is held for 30 days after that you’ll have a 5-day window to approve or decline the rebate, when that period ends a check will be sent to the buyer.

Let us know if you have further questions or clarifications.

You are not allowed to ask buyers for reviews in the RebateKey platform.
For now only US-based web stores.
A Rebate Key is a unique number, e.g. Order ID that the buyer will provide to you to unlock the rebate. You can either approve it (if it matches with your sales data), or deny it (if there is no such order). We warn you from abuse (e.g. denying many rebates without checking). We will flag such activity.
You can give a rebate of as low as 10% and as high as 100%. Up to you. Obviously the higher the rebate the more likely the customers will claim it, and more likely to actively participate in your viral marketing campaign.
It depends on your marketing goals. If you are giving a boost to your new product, 10-20/day is a good number. Run this campaign for 20 days and see the power of viral marketing.

The payment system uses multiple wallets:

When you create/edit a rebate campaign, payments are credited into the rebate campaign wallet. To consult the wallet of each rebate, go to your list of rebate campaigns (https://rebatekey.com/rebates). On the right part of each rebate campaign, click on the dark "Details" button and click on "View wallet".

When your rebate campaign ends (or if you cancel it), the system automatically will first check how many claims you had for that rebate campaign. According to the number of claims you got, the system will block the corresponding amount of money in your rebate wallet to pay out buyers.

The remaining money for that rebate campaign is automatically transferred to your general wallet. For your new rebate campaigns, you will be able to pay with your general wallet.

No. You only pre-pay the first day of the rebate campaign and we will charge you daily based on your rebate campaign settings.
Sorry we only take credit card as payment currently.
We charge sellers a $2.95 fee per sale. If you give out 10 rebates, you will end up paying $29.5 dollars in RebateKey fees during the campaign.
We support any e-commerce platform, e.g. Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, Etsy... We will verify each link.
Please note that Stripe doesn't require personal information to proceed or not to the payment. They use their own security algorithm to validate credit/debit cards. Sometimes they can mark multiple payment attempts as “suspicious activity”, if you can’t pay please contact support.
To cancel your campaign, just click on "Campaigns" in your Profile. On the “Actions” button next to the campaign, choose the "End Campaign" option.
There's no limit of campaigns as long as there are from different products. There can be only ONE running campaign per unique product.
We strongly recommend you not to activate any extra discount coupons during a running campaign, this may result in a discrepancy on the funds sent by check and the actual price users paid. Rebate check amounts cannot be adjusted.
You should be able to enter a new card thanks to the blue button in your wallet.
You can get a refund only at the end of the campaign for the unclaimed rebates. Since buyers actually go and buy your product, you can not get a refund for claimed and verified purchases.
Yes. Every day at 01:00 am EST, we transfer money from canceled/completed campaigns to the general wallet. The amount of money transferred depends on rebates claimed.

We’re very sorry to hear that. While our site is great for certain items, it's important to remember that customers have to pay the full price and wait for their rebate. What we suggest sellers to increase claims is to drive their own buyer traffic to their landing pages. This is a great way to do it, a different one would be offering a 100% rebate!

When your campaign is over, you can request the refund back to your card.

You can use the funds in another campaign or request a refund in the general wallet.

Yes. Each time a buyer claims a rebate, you will be given his Order ID for you to approve or dispute. Please check carefully. Sellers who dispute too many rebates will be flagged.

The determination of a Rebate dispute should be based on the compliance of one or more of the following reasons:

  • The rebate key submitted was not legitimate.
  • The order was cancelled or refunded.
  • The product was returned.
  • Extra discount coupons or codes were used along with the Rebate Key offer.
  • The item bought was not the one advertised on the site.
  • The item has been bought multiple times from a same account on the marketplace, in connection with the site (this depends on the seller policies).
Any other reasons may be added at the sole discretion of RebateKey.
We give 5 days to sellers to be able to dispute the rebate. First rebates are hold 30 days. So that the buyer does not buy a product, claim the rebate and return the product with a refund. It means in total a buyer should wait 35 days before receiving a check for his purchase. Buyers who abuse the system will be banned from our site.
Rebates are hold initially 30 days. You are given 5 days after that to dispute it or approve it. If you don’t do anything the rebate will be automatically approved.

What you need to do is:

  1. Put that number/ buyer name somewhere you'll remember, like a note on your phone/computer/draft on your email.
  2. Let the buyer know (through our messaging system) that his/her rebate will be declined due to the cancellation/refund/not finding the order ID (sometimes, they have bought the product again or entered a wrong order ID).
  3. Wait until the 30-day waiting period ends.
  4. Decline that buyer's purchase on a 5-day window before the system approves them automatically.
No, you don’t. However, you go to Rebate Queue > Recent Claims > Message Buyer and follow up there. Please keep in mind that you can only contact them for 60 days after the purchase.
Contact our support to cancel/delete your account here: contact us.
If you have any live rebates, there have to be completed before you cancel or delete your account.

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