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RebateKey gives you direct access to manufacturers’ rebates for top-selling brands and products. This means you purchase an item and after a 35-day waiting period, you get a checked mailed to your house for the rebate amount. You may also opt to receive your payout via PayPal or e-gift card. After you’ve purchased the product, you will report back with REBATE KEY, which is your order number. Once the seller verifies your order, they will approve the rebate and your rebate amount will be credited to your account (viewable in your Wallet). We hold the funds for 35 days to ensure there are no errors or issues, and after that, we will send you your payout.

Basically, the only thing you have to do is find great offers, buy, and report your purchase in less than one hour and you'll get your money back after the waiting period.

  1. Enter your full name and mailing address correctly as this is where your rebate checks will be mailed. We will also text you a code to verify that you are a U.S. resident.
  2. Browse the products currently available at 10-100% off. Select the item you want and click Buy Product.
  3. After you’ve purchased the product, you will need to report back with your REBATE KEY, which is is the order number. Once the seller verifies your order, they will approve it and your rebate will be added to your account (viewable in your Wallet).
  4. We hold the funds for 35 days to ensure there are no errors or problems, and after that, you will receive your payout.
Sorry, we only allow cell phones to verify accounts. It is a protective measure.
  1. Create a RebateKey account here.
  2. Find the item you want to purchase and click on it.
  3. Click on Buy Product and read the instructions carefully.
  4. The use of additional discounts is not allowed, this action will invalidate the rebate.
  5. Click on Buy Product again, which will take you directly to the product.
  6. Purchase the product at the redirected URL, which is usually Amazon.
  7. Copy the order ID they provide you with.
  8. Go back to RebateKey and go to Purchases > Unclaimed.
  9. Click on Confirm Purchase and paste your order ID and confirm it.
  10. Wait 35 days for your payout. In your Wallet, you may choose between check, PayPal, or e-gift card.
We can assure you that you will receive your payout. When you enter your order ID, the rebate money is transferred to your Wallet and after 35 days you will receive your payout via your preferred method.
We are based in Sheridan, WY, however, we do not have phone support. All payouts are sent via an automated system.

Rebates are processed after 30 days of purchase. This is how we can offer such high discounts. Sellers have 5 days to approve or decline the rebate.

Rebates are automatically approved after 5 days.

Do not buy the product. Please message the seller and indicate that you’d like to buy their product but something is wrong.
If you followed the link and the product is unavailable, click on the link I didn’t buy this product and please let us know here contact us.

In your Wallet, you can easily see which deals are going to be included in the next payout. Look for the Upcoming Payout section.

We have implemented a change in our system where all rebates are pre-approved. The seller has until the 35th day to dispute the rebate if for some reason the buyer canceled or returned the item.

No. You don’t have to leave a review to get your rebate. Sellers are not allowed to ask your for a rebate. The only thing you have to do is purchase the product and follow the rules and instructions.
Most products are protected against this, but some aren’t. Those products can be purchased more than once, but sometimes sellers will decline the rebates. It is against the rules to purchase any item more than once.
Yes, there are daily and monthly limits on rebates - 5 items per day and 50 items per month. Once the limit has been reached, it will be refreshed the 1st of the following month.
To ensure your rebate is honored, go to Purchases > Pre-approved > Message Seller and let the seller know about the error. Include your correct order ID so they can approve your rebate when the 30 days are up.
You can always cancel your order with the merchant you purchased the product from (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, or any other platform). We do ask that you contact the seller to let them know you cancelled the order so they can cancel the rebate. Otherwise, it may result in suspension of your RebateKey account.

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