Kombucha Raw Organic Tea, Probiotics & Prebiotic, Promotes Healthy Weight Loss, Kosher,(B-tea Lemonade, 8 pack x 8 oz)

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  • Organic Ingredients: Made with all-natural Japanese Bancha green tea leaves. The antioxidants and nutrients naturally found in this ingredient make our Kombucha the healthiest option on the market
  • No Refrigeration Required: We use the highest quality BPA-free, UV-protected plastic bottles. We combine this with our authentic fermentation process to create the perfect environment for the live cultures in our Kombucha. That’s why B-Tea Kombucha doesn’t require refrigeration
  • Two Decades of Kombucha Brewing Experience: Our factory has been brewing B-Tea Kombucha for over twenty years in the Pilsner region of the Czech Republic. We use local mineral-rich Pilsner water and fresh organic herbs for a smooth and delicious flavor
  • Created the Right Way: The initial fermentation process of our Kombucha takes three weeks to complete. We make sure to use fresh SCOBY cultures for every new batch of Kombucha we brew
  • B-Pure. B-Authentic. B-Free. B-Tea Kombucha is low in calories. It is also raw, never pasteurized, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, naturally carbonated, gluten-free and chemical-free.

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