Reversible Scrabble Dishwasher Magnet

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Our premium dishwasher magnets are made of 100% wood on the outside, with several magnets on the inside that lightly grabs onto the metal surfaces. They will not damage, discolor, or deteriorate the surface in any way.

If your household is anything like mine, the status of the dishwasher is a constant unknown that's causing more headaches that are readily apparent. Save time, hassle, and arguments with this fantastic, powerful magnetic dishwasher status tag. Simply flip it to "Clean" when you start it and flip again to "Dirty" when you unload. No more excuses to leave dishes in the sink!

The Dirty side is real Cherry wood while the Clean side is real Maple. Each item is 100% made and assembled in the USA. The husband-and-wife duo at Fisharply hand-cut all the wood, assemble and package each item while checking for defects all along the way. Each product is tested on a stainless steel dishwasher to ensure worry-free performance.

Size:This medium-sized magnet is plenty noticeable and should help to make sure the job gets done. Measures 5.75" wide, 1.35" tall, 1/8" thick

P.S. They're also great for labeling other things, including clean and dirty laundry, towels, parts, and more!

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