Biodegradable Paper Straws – Premium 300 Brown Kraft Dye-Free Drinking Straws for Juices Smoothies–Compostable Plastic-Free Bulk+16 Bonus Smoothie Straws–Eco-Friendly (7.75" long, 0.25" diameter) …

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More than 1 million marine animals die because of plastic pollution in the oceans and straws are the 11th most found pollutant in water. Nature’s Trend team believes that each of us is responsible for a better tomorrow and making a simple switch from plastic to paper straws can actually save animal’s lives and protect endangered species. Why should you purchase this item? Because they are high-quality and easy to use. The biodegradable paper straws have very little impact on the environment, being compostable and chemical-free. Say goodbye to plastic, dyes, and toxins that end up in our oceans! Some of the amazing features of this product: •The biodegradable straws are made from 100% paper that does not pollute the environment •The paper straws are compostable, disposable and eco-friendly, helping reduce pollution in the oceans •The bulk contains 300 disposable straws that are great for large parties or everyday use •The high quality of the straws ensures that they will not get soggy or soft •They are plastic and dye free, helping you eliminate toxins from your life •The bulk is ideal for a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle •The pack also contains a special set 16 jumbo-sized paper straws •The straws can be used with any cup •They come in carton biodegradable boxes ADD TO CART NOW and take the first step towards a cleaner planet with the biodegradable paper straws!

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