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NEW FROM BIG RED HOUSE Have you ever bent down while cooking and had your phone fall out of your apron pocket? That was something that always used to bother me. I learned how physical cooking can be and how essential a comfortable, protective apron is. Many times I bent over only to have my phone drop out of the front pocket of my apron. One of the key features of our apron is a special phone pocket with a snap so your phone stays secure and doesn't end up in your food or on the floor. We also took into consideration the ease getting the apron on and off. I found it annoying to readjust the neck strap each time I put my apron on or took it off. In addition to looking cool with metal grommets, we hope you find the snaps easier to manage than a buckle. Finally, many aprons we used did not have a place to hold our long handled spoons. We added 2, long, narrow pockets ideal for barbecue tools or other long-handled items. We also added a small, narrow pocket for a pen or food thermometer.

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