Arthritis Dog bed. Cat arthritis bed. Veterinarian designed Dog bed arthritis sufferers. Also an anxiety dog bed. Used as calming dog beds for small dogs. Cat anxiety bed.

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  • Reduces arthritic pain in the joints of your treasured pet by the bed providing cushioning support that reduces pressure on the joints. This improves blood flow to the joints reducing pain.
  • The detachable blanket keeps your loved pet warm. This reduces arthritic pain by keeping your pet's joints warm. Cold exacerbates arthritic pain so keeping the body warm keeps your pet comfortable. Enabling the pet to sleep well. As pet guardians, we can sleep easier knowing our pet is warm.
  • The attached blanket can be removed in the warmer months preventing your pet from getting too warm.
  • The blanket provides a safe refuge for shy and anxious pets to burrow under. A snug area can relieve a degree of anxiety in nervous pets as they can seek refuge, the blanket mimics contact with a human or another pet.

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