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STK Shower Filter {Gives You Better Hair and Skin Fast ]

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  • TREATS YOUR DRY BRITTLE HAIR - Hot chlorinated water is stripping your hair of natural oil. That leaves your hair dry and increases split ends. Use our shower filter to remove chlorine and chloramine and you will see you hair come back to life.
  • TREATS YOUR DRY ITCHY SKIN - Hot chlorine water interacts with your skin to make VOCs toxic chemicals. For sensitive people it makes you itch, break out, and worsens eczema. Our shower filter removes chlorine and makes your skin happy again.
  • MAKES HAIR SHINE AND DULL SKIN GLOW - You have probably seen Lime Build Up in Your Shower. The Same Thing happens to your hair and skin leaving them Lifeless and Dull. Our filter changes the lime magnesium and calcium ions so they are easier to wash off. No More Lime Build Up = Shinier Hair and Glowing Skin.
  • REMOVES OTHER DANGEROUS CHEMICALS - Harvard Researchers found unsafe levels of flouride compounds PFASs, Lead, and other Heavy metals in the tap water of millions of Americans. Why Leave Them in Your Water?
  • EASY TO INSTALL WITH LONG LASTING FILTERS – Each filter cartridge lasts for about 10,000 gallons of water. For most people each filter will last 6-8 months. Fliter layers include Activated Carbon, Calcium Sulfate, KDF55, Vitamin C and more. Why not Add a STK Premium Shower Filter to Your Cart Today?

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