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Our Straight Bully Sticks for dogs are made exclusively of the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Free of any artificial additives, chemicals, witchcraft and other alien substances, these bully stick chews are truly ALL-NATURAL to provide your pup with the highest quality sticks available. We source 'em from real cattle, not some space cow made in a lab, then slowly oven-roast 'em in their own juices to give your pooch a mouthful of flavor with every bite.

All that chewing really does your dog a world of good. It helps to naturally clean her teeth of nasty plaque and tartar buildup, keeping her teeth and gums in tip-top shape for future chewing endeavors. Plus, our straight bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein to help your pup grow big and strong without packing on extra weight. 

What Makes Our Bully Sticks Better Than the Rest? 

  • Naturally improves dog dental health by helping to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Keeps your dog's pearly whites healthy and bright!
  • Single ingredient dog chew. Made from the best high quality free-range, grass-feed beef.
  • Highly digestible and palatable for even the pickiest of eaters.
  • High in protein and low in fat to ensure your pup stays fit and lean.

If your pup really loves these bully sticks, we'd love for you to check out our bulk buying options. Not only will you save money by purchasing in bulk, but you can also take advantage of the Subscribe & Save feature to have our bully sticks magically appear at your doorstep as often as you like. Your pup will thank you for it!

Last, But Not Least

  • Length (approx.): 5" long 
  • Shelf Life: 36 months (long time, right?)
  • Ingredients: Beef pizzle
  • Country of Origin: Paraguay

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