White Sleek Modern Bread Box For Kitchen Counter - Steel Bread Storage Bin By Cooler Kitchen

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  • WHY BUY OUR BREADBOX? Have you ever bought bread, only to have it go stale or soggy the very next day? Bread has to BREATHE for the crust to stay crisp. Our breadbox features a seal that is not airtight, with ventilation holes creating an environment where the moisture from the bread raises the humidity in the box, while the air circulation keeps it from getting moist and moldy. Other bread boxes that have a tight seal will leave your bread too soft and doughy, but ours will keep your bread fres
  • FORM AND FUNCTION Don’t just buy a glorified decoration for your kitchen, buy something that has both form and function to exemplify your lifestyle. With a storage capacity of just over one loaf, our breadbox is the perfect size for your counter—You won’t believe how the freshness of your bread will hold up! Our breadbox can extend the life of your bread by up to a week, saving you time and money while removing unsightly clutter!
  • BUILT TO LAST – Some breadboxes might be rickety, flimsy, or sloppy looking. Many roll-top bread boxes have a defective door making it increasingly difficult to open and close. Unlike other models, ours will not show sticky fingerprints or smudges easily, and the sleek white design features a sturdy, high quality metal construction.
  • DE-CLUTTER YOUR COUNTERS – Having all of those loaves and buns laying around looks messy, even if your kitchen is otherwise sparkling! Not only does our extra large bread box organize the endless packages of bread that your family eats, and gives you extra space to stash chips and snacks galore. LESS IS MORE when it comes to your kitchen space! Measures 14" x 8" x 6"
  • VISUALLY STUNNING - Our modern breadbox's stylish yet understated design looks fabulous on any kitchen counter. The sturdy construction will last for years - add to cart now!!

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