GARDEN SECRETS 3-in-1 Professional ULTRASONIC ANIMAL REPELLENT, Deer Raccoon Rabbit Skunk Possum Bear etc. deterrent, Keep the pests away from your property within 2-4 weeks, whole year full warranty!

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Effective Animal Repellent!

Get rid of garden pests with an ultra-powerful ultrasonic or other deterrent sounds.

Creates an unpleasant environment for the animals, and they leave your property!

Don't you get tired of having pests ruining the garden that you have cultivated with so much love and care?

Want to enjoy a yard clean from birds and pests without risking using toxic and dangerous pesticides?

Now also YOU can enjoy a garden that is as beautiful and safe as you have always wanted it to be!

We understand how irritating it may be to come home and find out that pests and birds have once again ruined and sullied your beloved garden after you have nursed it for hours.

You have tried all kinds of solutions - scarecrows, traps, pesticides - but the pests keep coming, destroying what you have created and disturbing your peace, and you are left helpless.

Do you also want a garden clean of pests?

There is a simple solution to your problem!

A dedicated device that effectively wards off pests - that's exactly what you need!

The powerful device of GARDEN SECRETS offers outstanding results, and will make also YOUR garden look its best:

  • Quickly and efficiently expels pests from your garden and keeps them out of it!
  • No battery replacement or any special maintenance required.
  • 100% toxin free and safe for children.
  • 100% waterproof (IP44).
  • Very wide coverage area (about 550 sq ft / 55 m sq).

When we are asked, how is it that our smart animal repellent has the best results, we tell about our special engineering secret. Our smart device has been specially engineered to solve problems exactly like yours, having been adapted precisely to the auditory system of animals, and offering, for your convenience, three different operating modes:

  1. Day.
  2. Night.
  3. 24 Hours.

You will feel the change immediately upon installation. Animals will no longer bother you, and your garden will look its best, as you have always wanted it to look!

You can sit peacefully in your beloved garden, and always know that your 'private garden keeper' is watching it tirelessly.

How Its Work?

The powerful ultrasonic creates an unpleasant living environment for the animals, and they will start to leave your property.

Some animals will leave immediately, and some animals will leave after two or three weeks.

The final results usually take between 2-4 weeks.

Tip: It is recommended to change the frequency a bit every two weeks so that the animals will not get used to it.

Note: The machine does not deter pets, just wild animals!

Easy to Use and Install

Just remove from the box, open the back cover, adjust operating time, frequency, and if you want to add voice sounds. Stick the ground or hang on a wall, and enjoy a property free of pests.

Screwdriver and 4 * AA batteries are included.

The device comes with a power adapter, if you want to place the device in a location without sunlight.

Suitable for use in lawns, backyards, gardens, fields, vegetable gardens, groves, orchards, warehouses, barns, public gardens, patios, garages, parking lots, balconies, farms, boats, pools, attics and more.

Here are Some of the Advantages of our Smart Device

Humane Pest Control

A humane solution to protect your property.

We believe in humanism towards animals!

Do not kill the animals with chemicals, but will deter them.

Solar Charging

2 options:

1. Connect to power source using transformer (supplied)

2. Place in direct sunlight and install the batteries (supplied) for solar charging.

Light Rain Resistant

The IP44 standard.

Resistant to light scars.

(In heavy rains you must put it inside)

An Excellent Solution for Farmers

We offer you an exceptional solution to protect your plants so that they are not damaged by pests. Many farmers choose our solution to deter pests from their field or property. Here are some good reasons for this:

  • Excellent for open spaces that do not have a power source.
  • Keeps your plants not eaten by pests.
  • Super effective on rodents.
  • Resistant to light rain.
  • No more scarecrows.
  • Effective against various types of animals.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • No need for special maintenance.

Safe Solution for Families with ChildrenNo more dangerous pesticides, risk your children, and damage your plants.

  • No more dead animals, and unpleasant smells.
  • Safe for children.
  • No more dangerous traps.
  • Place anywhere you want, wall, earth, tree, tie with string.
  • Option for a completely quiet system that will not disturb you or the neighbors.
  • Effective against many types of wildlife.

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