Uflex Athletics Compression Calf Sleeve

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Graduated Compression

The optimal compression improves muscular endurance and protects the calf, reduces

inflammation and swelling, prevents blood pooling, stimulates blood flow and promotes

faster muscular recovery.

Improved Recovery time

The Calf Sleeve quickens the time it takes for your muscles to recover, and is really helpful

with pre-existing injuries that have prevented the muscle from working as well as it used to.

The compression will loosen your muscles, which makes a massive difference in the way

they feel after intensive activity. They won’t feel as sore while in use or while resting.

Superior protection

This Elastic Calf Compression Sleeve with a 4 way stretch capability, offers all around

superior protection and is a must have for runners, weightlifters, or professional athletes. By

maintaining a good blood flow through the region, the temperature of your calf inside the

sleeve will always be kept at a comfortable level no matter if you are running around outside

in cold temperatures, or indoors in a warmer environment.

All-day comfort

The Calf Sleeve doesn’t slip, is tear-resistant and dries very fast, so it can be worn quickly

after washing. Made of a premium breathable fabric with sweat wicking properties, it

removes sweat and liquid so you remain feeling fresh and dry. The sleeve is also anti-

bacterial and prevents odors from developing.

Sports and everyday activities

Highly versatile, the sleeve helps improve performance during sports or everyday activities.

Great for running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing

and much more.

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