Bee Green | Beeswax Food Wrap - (Extra Wax | Longer Lasting) | Reusable Food Wraps, Eco Friendly, Plastic Replacement Food Storage, Biodegradable, String and Button Included

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  • TOP QUALITY - Made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric, Natural Beeswax, Tree resin and Jojoba oil, with antimicrobial all natural ingredients that Help Food Last Longer, thereby, REDUCING FOOD WASTE.
  • GETS THE JOB DONE - Bee Green’s sustainable Beeswax food wraps are flexible, self-adhesive and washable. This means that you can stick it to any surface and mold it to fit any shape or form! Once you’re done using it, simply wash it, fold it, and store it neatly anywhere!
  • BONUS INCLUDED! - Button and String for improved convenience! We’ve made it easier to keep your food wrapped up and stored safely in the fridge or a lunch box by adding a button and a roll of string for you to use with it. No matter the size or shape, this will help keep it sealed and keep your food FRESH!
  • REPLENISH YOUR WAX - Competitors Wraps last less than a year typically, with our wax replenisher, we DOUBLE the life of your product!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% satisfied with your new sustainable beeswax wraps within 30 days of purchase, Bee Green will refund your money in full. We offer you the best customer service on Amazon, we want YOU to be Happy and Satisfied. Add a set to your shopping cart now and enjoy the risk-free experience!
  • Top 5 Reasons Why Our Food Wraps are LOVED by Amazon Customers!

    • PERFECT FIT FOR EVERY SITUATION - Variety pack includes 1 small (7" x 8"), 1 medium (10" x 11"), 1 large (13" x 14")
    • MINIMIZE WASTE WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON FUNCTIONALITY - Our wrap keeps food fresher way longer than aluminum foil or plastic wrap! They create an air tight seal once you twist or press it together. 
    • BEE PART OF THE SOLUTION - Our competitors food wraps last a maximum of 120-150 uses, while ours will DOUBLE the lifespan due to our Wax Replenisher! By making the switch, you can help reduce the plastic and trash polluting our oceans & delicate ecosystems. 
    • Odor Free - We have worked very hard to tackle this issue! Although there’s no way to get rid of 100% of the natural beeswax odors, our team has made it very difficult to distinguish! Unless you’re actively trying to find the odor, you should have no worries or smells other than your fresh food!
    • BEE GREEN & SAVE GREEN! - Although the upfront cost might seem pricey, when compared to the amount you’d spend over the span of a year from other non-reusable products, the savings with these wraps come out on top! 

     You risk absolutely nothing! Our Bee Green wraps are backed by an unconditional 100% no-risk no-nonsense money back guarantee!

    Your search for 'the ONE' perfect food wrap is finally over! With out 5 star reviews, you can say that Amazon customers agree!

    We have a limited supply of this best selling product. Grab yours today from exclusively!

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