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  • PERFECT FOR SMALL DOGS AND GENTLE CHEWER - This cute, stuffless crinkle dog toy is perfect for small dogs that are soft chewers. Its no stuffing feature allows you and your dog to have a more enjoyable playtime without the worry of ripping it out.
  • BE A HERO TO ELDERLY DOGS - This incredible stuffless dog toy was created to entertain dogs for longer, which means more fun playtime BUT, it was also created to protect the many elderly dogs who are abandoned and left to pass away unloved and alone. As dog lovers, this is unacceptable! So, with each purchase of our Stuffless Dog Toy and Squeaker, you're a hero to elderly dogs!
  • HAPPY DOGGY DENTAL HEALTH - With the tug-of-rope feature in these incredible stuffless squeaker dog toy, your dog will enjoy the benefits of better dental health with stronger gums and teeth. In other words, it's a WIN-WIN! They have tons of fun AND their Veterinarian will be happy with how great their teeth are looking each visit!
  • NO STUFFING = NO MESS - As dog lovers, we've all been there... we walk into a room and there's cotton stuffing EVERYWHERE! The problem isn't our furry family member, in fact, they did a great job! The problem is stuffed toys -- they're messy! That's why this crinkly, stuffless, squeaky toy is the way to go! They'll have LOADS OF FUN, you won't have a mess in your house, and it's perfect for small dogs of all ages!

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