Steens Manuka Honey UMF 20 (MGO 829) 8.8 Ounce jar | Pure Raw Unpasteurized Honey From New Zealand NZ | Traceability Code on Each Label

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to dip your finger straight into the honeycomb, it’s time for you to try Steens Manuka Honey! As New Zealand’s leading producer of high-grade UMF manuka honey, our raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized, and minimally processed honey is just as nature intended. Not only does our honey taste delicious, but it has also shown to provide a number of benefits:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Supports Digestive and Respiratory Health
  • Relieves Coughs and Sore Throats
  • Accelerates Wound and Ulcer Healing
  • Acts as an Effective Source of Natural Energy

With over 34 years of beekeeping experience, we know how to make a higher quality manuka honey. Unlike other honeys, Steens is cold processed, which means we don’t heat our honey to high temperatures, thereby preserving nutritional properties. Additionally, we employ a unique filtering system that allows us to retain ‘Bee Bread’ – a lacto-fermented, enzymatically activated food rich in b vitamins and amino acids – in our honey. Our honey is a superfood at its finest.

Steens Manuka honeys are all UMF certified to signify authenticity. Whether you are looking for more or less UMF, Steens has you covered. Choose from our full line of honeys which include UMF 5+, 10+, 15+, 20+, or 24+. Steens also gives you the ability to trace your honey to the hive where it was collected. Simply follow the trace code on your label and discover the location where the bees collected your honey!

Order your Steens Manuka Honey today, and discover what it’s like to dip your finger straight into the honeycomb!

MULTIPLE USES: Our superfood supports digestive & respiratory health, accelerates healing of wounds, is a homemade remedy for a cough, sore throat, dry skin, eczema, acne, pimples, seasonal allergies, DIY beauty regimes, and oral hygiene.

Google “Dr. Axe Manuka” for more details.

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: If you enjoy honey from Nature Nate, Wedderspoon, Manuka Doctor, Kiva, Comvita, Trader Joe’s, or other honey types, e.g., Brazilian Sour, Acacia, Australian Jarrah – Try Steens’ offering to discover the unique texture and rich aroma.

Don't believe us? Here's what others are saying about our honey:

“Couldn’t be without this multi-purpose wonder!”

“It helps when I have a cough, but surprisingly when I have acid reflux/indigestion too.”

“This honey is the best I've ever tasted! My kids call it liquid gold and can't get enough!”


Raw and Unpasteurized to retain all the goodness - just as nature intended!


At Steens we believe nature knows best and therefore when separating off the wax, using our proprietary whole comb technology, we maintain temperatures that occur naturally in the beehive. We control any undesirable fermentation in our honey by ensuring the moisture content of the honey is kept within very strict parameters.

This takes a lot more time and care but when dealing with one of the world’s most premium honeys, we believe it’s worth the effort!


Our minimal processing and low temperature technique does not denature the amino acids &

enzymes in our honey which means Steens honey has:

  • High Amino Acid (protein) profile and higher nutrient content
  • Natural enzymes that aid digestion
  • A thicker, slightly grainy texture as the crystals are uneven in size – just as nature intended them to be!

Crushed whole honeycomb. Our unique WHC technology only removes the wax.


At Steens we saw an opportunity to improve on conventional honey extraction and handling techniques to deliver more of the whole honey in a pot. Over a period of several years we developed and tested different methods of harvesting using custom built equipment. The final proprietary method we settled on is one that maximises the nutritional properties of the entire honeycomb – thus the name Whole Comb.

Using our proprietary Whole Comb Technology we minimally process once without the need for secondary processing. We scrape the honeycomb from our bee frames including; any crystallised honey, pollen, bee bread and wax. To separate out the wax we use only temperatures that would naturally occur in the beehive and centrifugal force. Then after a coarse filter, to remove any impurities, our honey is ready to pack and eat!

Independently certified UMF purity & quality.


UMF is a quality markand grading system that assuresthe purity of the Manuka honey you are buying.

It uses the most comprehensive and transparent test currently available for Manuka honey. It appraises a number of natural markers found in Manuka Honey to assure its purity and quality.

In order to be certified UMF, Steens tests for Manuka markers across 4 different spectrums,including the recently discovered Leptosperin marker – (which is unique to Manuka) - as well as other compounds such as Methylglyoxal (MGO). Other competing grading systems only test for one marker (MGO) as their reference point for grading.

Unfortunately MGO can be adulterated and can be found in other honeys.

Steens - as part of the UMF association, has the rights to test exclusively for this key characteristic of Manuka honey.

This clearly differentiates UMF graded honey as a truly genuine Manuka honey.

Offering you a deeper connection to your honeys true source.


Here at Steens we believe every consumer has the right to know where their food has come from, and our traceability program intends to deliver on this belief. Our Hive Tracker technology gives us a unique research capability that is a world first, enabling us to continually monitor our hives and improve the way we do business.

This technology was an industry first that not only tracks every hive and its components, but offers you a deeper connection to your honeys New Zealand source. That's because every pot of Steens honey is printed with a unique code which can be used to trace your honey back to the New Zealand region our family harvested it from.

Our determination is to bring to the world a Honey entirely honest in nature, by keeping it RAW without the need for secondary processing. Subjecting Manuka to high temperatures just isn't in our thinking!

Numerous research studies have shown that food enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 118°F / 47.7°. It is for this reason that foods cannot be called ‘raw’ where they have been exposed to anything above this temperature. But there is more to achieving a ‘raw’ status with honey! Whilst pasteurization is all about temperature, raw is additionally about maintaining the honey as it exists in the beehive. And to achieve a raw honey one must not fine filter the honey, as this removes the nutritious bee bread, pollens, enzymes, and minerals.


Unfortunately, not all honey brands adopt these standards and we currently have a situation where the labeling of honey can be misleading with the lines being blurred between a honey which is pasteurized, unpasteurized and raw. For example, a honey producer could process their honey at 122°F / 50°C, which can be labeled 'unpasteurized' but due to the temperature exceeding 118 °F / 47.7°C should not be classed as raw honey. Likewise, if the honey was finely filtered, regardless of temperature the honey was processed at, it should not be called raw.


The above thermometer features the typical Manuka honey pasteurization and ‘creaming’ process temperatures. At Steens, we are passionate about maintaining our honeys natural integrity with all its beneficial properties intact! To achieve this we only maintain temperatures that naturally occur in the beehive while minimally processing our honey.


  • Steens: Vitamins, minerals & nutrients remain intact VS. Pasteurised/Creamed: Nutrients lost in the heating process
  • Steens: Packed with enzymes & amino acids VS. Pasteurised/Creamed: Enzymes are destroyed
  • Steens: Thicker consistency, slightly grainy texture VS. Pasteurised/Creamed: Smooth, refined & creamy appearance
  • Steens: Amazing aromas and flavour profile VS. Pasteurised/Creamed: Diminished flavour profile
  • Steens: Contains Bee Bread VS. Pasteurised/Creamed: Depleted of bee bread


This is a challenge we face in in the honey industry due to ‘green washing’ and lack of policing around unpasturised and raw food labelling globally. 1) The origins of pasteurising foods goes back the turn of last century. It is typically used in food processing to achieve food preservation. 2) Honey is pasteurised to control crystallisation and eliminate fermentation via killing yeast cells however in doing so it destroys some of the nutritional properties including enzymes. 3) Studies have shown that food enzymes are damaged at temperatures over 40°C / 104°F. 4) Most Manuka honeys marketed as raw honey are infact creamed honeys that have been heated several times and pasteurised at 66°C / 150°F. 5)To determine if your honey has been pasteurised or raw - ask the brand what the maximum temperature their honey has been processed and has it been filtered?


The conventional method of honey extraction for Manuka is known as ‘prick and spin’, this technique involves piercing the individual honey cells, then inserting the frame into a centrifugal spinner and forcing the liquid honey out. This process leaves the honey cells (wax) mostly intact on the bee frames but is wasteful in that it also leaves behind the nutritious bee bread, pollen and a higher percentage of honey.


In the Manuka Honey industry , the beekeepers, extraction facilities and brand of Manuka can often all be different companies. At Steens our family bee keeping operations, extraction and packing facilities are all based under the same roof at our modern facility based in the Wairarapa, New Zealand. Having full control over our product has allowed us to do things differently.


  • Raw & unpasteurised
  • Contains bee bread
  • Amazing aromas & flavour profile
  • Thixotropic (thick) honey


Bee Bread is among one of the oldest dietary supplements known to man. It is widely recognised as a nourishing and complete natural food. Steens honey is unique to other Manuka honeys because it contains the highest levels of a substance called bee bread. You may have already heard about bee pollen and how nutritious it is.

Bee bread is the result of plant pollen that is taken into the hive by the bees. The bees add extra enzymes, microbial secretions and honey to pollen stored within the honeycomb. It then undergoes a lactic acid fermentation process which breaks down the hard outer shell of plant pollen, making it easier for humans to digest. Bee bread is the food the worker bees use to make royal jelly.

At Steens our Whole Comb technology retains high levels of this precious substance within our honey.


Protein (high in amino acids), Minerals (iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and potassium), B-group vitamins and flavonoids, Plant phenols.Bio-availability: Bee bread is at least 3 times more bio-available than regular flower or bee pollen


But unlike most knights in shining armour, this guy was on a pushbike and the damsel in distress had a flat tyre. He was a butcher, she was a teacher and he thought she was a honey and so the story begins...

Living on New Zealand’s beautiful coastline the newlyweds were young and full of dreams. Bees captured their imagination and their burgeoning career in beekeeping began. Butcher in residence was no longer, Sheryl continued teaching so they could eat.

Soon after buying their first 3 beehives their company began to grow wings - literally millions of them. They were growing at a rapid rate and so was the family - now six! Looking back they were challenging but exciting times.

Then in the 1980’s, Dr Peter Molan at the University of Waikato revealed the unique properties of Manuka honey.

Steens focused on this incredible honey, they were one of the founding beekeepers of the AMHA (Active Manuka Honey Association) now known as the UMF association. 36 years later Steens continues to play a critical role in the industry.

It was Paul and Sheryl's passion for bees and their endeavour for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that was the beginning of Steens. It was these same convictions that lead them to keep their honey raw and in it’s purest form.

Paul & Sheryl were dis-heartened to see inferior honey being labelled as Manuka. They wanted to give their family the very best honey that nature provided and they wanted to share that with everyone.

So they set out to develop a better way to minimally process their honey, one that ensured all the natural and fresh properties of the honeycomb were retained. The result was achieved via a modern take on the traditional honey press with a proprietary process now known as Steens whole comb technology.

‘It’s just like dipping your finger straight into the honeycomb!'

Steens UMF 5+ Raw Manuka Honey Steens UMF 10+ Raw Manuka Honey Steens UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey Steens UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey Steens UMF 24+ Raw Manuka Honey UMF Certified 5+ 10+ 15+ 20+ 24+ MGO 83+ 263+ 514+ 696+ 829+ MGO, Leptosperin and DHA Tested ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Best for Cooking / Food Prep ✓ ✓ Everyday Wellbeing ✓ ✓ ✓ Specific / Targeted Use ✓ ✓ ✓

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