Kids Custom Name Lights, Kids Bedroom Night Light ,Personalized Night Light, Gift for Baby and Toddler, Personalized Nursery Lamp for Kids

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With our magnificent customizable designs combined with a first class quality plexiglass, we processed from linden wood.

wooden stand and color options, you can gift to your friends, loved ones, family, lovers, children.

an excellent product.

A night light from AuroraNightLight is perfect for any interior of the nursery, and also

It will be a great gift for any occasion for kids.

A personalized night out with a custom kid's name followed by a cute laser cut

You are looking at the lamp.

Your loved ones are completely prepared for them and personalized with their names, just for them.

A great gift that makes them feel special every time they look at it!

It's time to make your loved ones feel special with personalized night lights!

Personalization light will make this gift more special.It will bring magic to baby's room

a fascinating decorative element.

It's time to add a special touch to your room with these beautiful wooden custom night lights.

A well-designed night light will be a unique nursery decor.

Night time has never been warmer with this personalized light at night. For your precious

What a heavenly gift!

Your lover or spouse will never forget your special day anymore!

Thanks to this product, which will be designed completely for you, it makes the intangible history tangible and

We make it an unforgettable gift for you!

Our night lights are a very special occasion for newlyweds to celebrate the best moments of their lives.

It will be a gift. It will find the best place in the memories of your loved ones.

1st birthday First night light. For the first time in a newborn's life, everything they do and

It is a time of agreements. And for the little 1-year-old explorer, there's a lot to learn in life.

It looks like one of the best personalized gifts to get from grandma or aunt,

Don't you think so?

A very delicate coating on premium acrylic to make the engraved areas shine brightly.

Each piece is handcrafted, made of solid wood.

We produce our products on the 1st class acrylic plexiglass with extremely sensitive laser engraving technology.

We are digging on the basis of dispersal. There is labor and craftsmanship in each piece.

We use daylight LEDs in our woods, it is a special product that does not tire the eyes and provides natural lighting.

Combined with this lighting plexiglass, you can leave beautiful memories in the hearts of your loved ones with a fascinating touch.

Give your beloved partner a personalized touch with the name night light.

The light of the lamp helps them relax and feel safe while sleeping, and also

It is soft to create a comfortable atmosphere that helps them sleep quickly. Any

We engraved a text into a nightlight and it stayed there forever. the name will never be peeled, rubbed

or will not fade.

Our night lights are the perfect gift idea for: Birthday gifts, Mother's Day,

Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Nursery gifts, Babyshower Gifts, 1st Birthdays, Baptisms,

Baptisms, Newborn gifts, New home decor, Weddings or whatever your heart desires!

- Size: 18 cm width - 16 cm height (excluding wooden base)

- LED life - 50,000 hours

- Plug-in works

- HAS an on/off switch.

- The wall charger is NOT included. Any USB charger will work just fine.

How to Care:

* To clean acrylic, use warm, soapy water and a sponge or microfiber cloth.

* Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid scratching the material.

* It is absolutely fine to let the acrylic air dry.

* Do not wipe your acrylic with paper towels or rough surfaced materials.

* Avoid using anything that contains alcohol or ammonia.


If you have any questions you want to ask, please feel free to write to us.

We work 24/7 to make you happy.

Damage and Lost Package

We take full responsibility when it comes to our products, shipping and delivery.

If an item is damaged or lost during delivery, we will replace it as quickly as we can.

Since it is a personalized product, we do not accept returns/returns for reasons such as not meeting expectations!

Custom Charges

Unfortunately, we have no control over this matter as it is subject to the laws of your country.

As a result, you should consider it when ordering.

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