HaloSmile Instant Teeth Whitening Cosmetic (6 Applications, Celebrity White)

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  • THE INTERSECTION OF ORAL CARE & BEAUTY: An instantly whiter smile and protection from stains, all in one! HaloSmile goes beyond today’s oral care products as an innovative, temporary teeth cosmetic. It coats your teeth with a protective, tasteless layer. For ~24 hours, you’ll have stain protection and a brilliant white smile.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS FOR A WHITER SMILE WHENEVER YOU WANT: We get it—you want results, fast. With HaloSmile, you can be out the door with a glowing smile in under 8 minutes—no lights or downtime. Activate the powder, apply for instant teeth whitening, and wear your bright smile all day. Think of it like nail polish, but for your teeth.
  • SHIELD YOUR TEETH FROM STAINS: Shout out to all you red wine-loving, tea-drinking, coffee-addicted fiends! When you’re wearing HaloSmile, your teeth are covered with a protective layer. HaloSmile = Stain Prevention.
  • FREE OF PEROXIDE & HARSH CHEMICALS: 100% peroxide free means zero pain or sensitivity. Use a traditional teeth whitener? HaloSmile will help protect the results you’ve worked so hard to get—and it will make your smile even more dazzling. Pick up HaloSmile to boost and protect your smile.
  • A MINERAL BASED & NATURE INSPIRED ALTERNATIVE: We’re shaking things up. Our patented cosmetic formula mimics the body’s natural processes by binding to the surface of your teeth. Our key ingredient is a calcium-based mineral that makes up 90% of your teeth and bones.

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