Breakaway Leather Cat Collar with Bell & Elastic Strap 6"-7" Neck Fit Mint Green - Leather Kitten Collar - Pet Collar Leather

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  • 100% GENUINE LEATHER. DOESN'T FADE AND WITHOUT ODOR: Real Leather cat collar does not fade or spoil the wool, is not afraid of water, is easy to clean. Made of genuine leather of the highest quality, odorless.
  • DOES NOT RUST: Cat collar Leather with bell has metal buckle and D-ring, made of durable steel with a special wear-resistant coating that reliably protects leather kitty collar from rust.
  • WON'T BREAK: The reinforced layer inside the kitten collars leather enhances its structure and preserves its shape. Hardware made of durable metal and coated with a protective layer. Reliable latch does not open and does not break.
  • RIGHT SIZE: In order not to be mistaken and choose the correct size of the leather pet collar, Please measure your cat's neck to choose correct size of this cat leather collar.
  • SAFETY: The rubber insert in this leather collars for adult helps to quickly remove the collar if your pet catches on something without creating discomfort for your cat.

  • 100% genuine leather.
  • Does not fade, does not fade in the sun and has no smell
  • Hardware does not rust
  • Will not break and retain its shape for a long time

WAUDOG Leather breakaway cat collar is a very durable leather collar cat from high-quality, genuine leather of high quality. It does not lose color and does not fade in the sun, does not dye and does not spoil wool, has no smell. 

Reliable fittings do not rust and can withstand heavy loads. The cat collar leather with is reinforced with a layer of nylon (inside), which makes it durable and allows you to maintain its shape for a long time. You can be sure that the cat collars leather breakaway will not tear and will last for a long time, while remaining equally bright.

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