Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags - 4 (200g) Pack Plus 50g Bonus bag, Upgraded with Activated Clay Moisture Absorber Beads, Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, natural air purifiers for home

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THE PROBLEM: Activated Charcoal is great at
absorbing particles, allergens and odors. Unfortunately, once their pores are
clogged with moisture, they are ineffective at attracting these yucky particles
from our air. OUR FIX: 100% natural clay moisture absorbing beads. Our Doctor
Formulated blend combines the power of both resulting in a safe, natural air
purifier for your home.   

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Odor Eliminator plus Moisture
Absorbing Clay Beads: Our specially formulated charcoal bags perform as a
natural air deodorizer, air purifier and dehumidifier, helping to protect your
family and pets from funky smells, air-borne pathogens, mold and mildew.

MULTI PURPOSE: Clear your home of odor and
excess moisture which can lead to mold and mildew.  Our activated charcoal odor absorber bags are
great for closets, laundry room, litter box, gym bags, diaper bag and RV
accessories. Also great as a car air freshener, refrigerator deodorizer, and
shoe deodorizer just to name a few.

ECO FRIENDLY and Non-Toxic: Our activated bamboo
charcoal bag is 100% natural, fragrance-free, and biodegradable, making it safe
for your family and pets.

Our bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are rechargeable for up to 2
years by placing them in direct sunlight for 1 hour each month. After the
second year, simply release the activated charcoal powder and clay back to the
earth to help fertilize your garden.

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