Clarifion - Negative Ion Generator with Highest Output (1 Pack) Filterless Mobile Ionizer & Travel Air Purifier, Plug in, Eliminates: Pollutants, Allergens, Germs, Smoke, Bacteria, Pet Dander & More

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Stop Suffering from Allergens and Air Pollution. Cleanse your home today with Clarifion. Negative Ions can quickly absorb and neutralize harmful substances, promote human body metabolism, improve immunity, and adjust human body balance. 

Keep your home clean and fresh.

Clarifion Helps keep your home fresh using ion technology. Air Ionizers create negative ions using electricity that sticks to positively charged particles such as Dust, pet dander, allergens, smoke, and bacteria. The positive particles are then bonded to the negative ions and are neutralized, creating a fresher living space for you and your family.


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