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Ultra Soft Disposable Face Mask with Ear Loops (100 Pack) Blue

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➤ Do you have to wear a face mask for medical reasons or for chores around the house that can negatively affect your breathing?

➤ Have you tried other disposable face masks in the past but found them to be uncomfortable or awkward to breathe through?

Presenting Brandzig Ultra Soft Disposable Face Masks with Ear Loops!An easy way to help keep yourself healthy and strong.

Single-use face protection masks have a wide array of practical uses.They’re a staple in doctor’s offices and hospitals and anyone that has a suppressed immune system.Many people use them at home for DIY projects as well as protection when someone in the household is sick.

They’re an excellent choice for protection against airborne germs, dust, allergies, fumes, smoke, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, and so much more.

Product Features:✔️ 100 pack of soft face masks.✔️ Three layers for triple the protection.✔️ Great for people with sensitive skin.✔️ FDA-approved.✔️ Breathable and comfortable.✔️ Universal, one-size-fits-all design.✔️ Adjustable metal nose strip.✔️ Stays in place and won't fall off.✔️ Contains no fiberglass or toxic materials.✔️ No weird chemical smells.

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