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Tactical Baby Carrier

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Meet the Analog Kids Tactical Carrier

Designed for men who want the best for themselves and their babies, our baby tactical carrier features an army-inspired design that is created specifically for a man’s body. Comfortable thanks to its ergonomic back support and shoulder straps, this men’s baby carrier doesn’t skimp on any of the bells and whistles, either. We’ve included plenty of pockets so that all of your essential items are within easy reach.

And, of course, your baby will love how cool they feel too. Place younger babies so that they face you for added support. Older babies can face forward in the carrier for a better view of all of the adventures you’ll go on.

- Designed for babies 8 to 35 pounds

- Tactical style for men

- Created to fit a man’s body

- Adjustable back support

- Ergonomic comfort design

- Utility pockets for baby and personal items

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