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Smart Nightlight, Sleep Soother, and Baby Monitor - Suzy Snooze by BleepBleeps

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  • WiFi Audio Baby Monitor
  • Sleep Soother
  • Smart Night Light
Recommended by parenting & sleep experts

Suzy was developed with leading sleep experts to make kids bedtimes hassle free. She automates the routine, creating a regular structure for your child’s bedtime and making bedtimes easier for everyone.

Having Suzy in your life means that everyone gets a better night’s sleep.

  • Your children will be more alert and perform better in school.

  • You will be more productive at work.

  • Your family will be healthier.

  • There will be fewer arguments with crabby children!

Meet Suzy Snooze

Suzy Snooze is a Smart Sleep Machine that actively helps your child get to sleep and sleep all night through. Suitable from birth and loved by older kids, Suzy helps children learn to settle themselves and teaches them a positive sleep routine.

Key Features

  • Scientifically proven soothing light and sound that encourages sleep hormone production

  • Auto-Soothes your baby if they wake up during the night

  • Wifi baby monitor with HD audio – listen in at home, wherever you are

  • Control Suzy remotely with the BleepBleeps app

  • Train your kids to lie in every morning. No more early-morning wake-up calls!

Meet Suzy's app

  • Listen in to your child sleep at home in HD audio
  • Start the sleep routine remotely via your mobile
  • Easily change Suzy’s volume, brightness and timing
  • Set your child’s morning wake up time
  • Enable auto-soothe cry detection

Soothe your child to sleep

Start your nighttime routine by pushing down Suzy’s Magic Hat. Suzy’s animated lights and lullaby music help send your child quickly to sleep. Once they’re asleep the light changes to a steady warm glow to help them sleep all night long.

Monitor your child's sleep

Listen to your child wherever you are at home in HD Audio

If your child wakes during the night, Suzy’s auto-soothe function lulls them back to sleep so you don’t have to get out of bed to soothe them back to sleep so often.

Train your child into a better sleep routine

Suzy’s light turns off and her Magic Hat rises up when it’s time to wake up, letting your child know they can get out of bed.

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