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Physiofix Bunion Corrector Kit

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"PhysioFix" bunion corrector and bunion relief kit: sleeve and toe separators: Comes with a pair of orthopedic bunion corrector sleeves with built in bunion cushions and a pair of toe spacers.

1. IMAGINE WALKING AROUND FREE OF BUNION PAIN! With the Physiofix bunion corrector and relief kit you will do just that!

2. RELIEVE YOUR PAIN, treat your bunion,reduce friction between your toes and enjoy walking again. Separate, straighten, and align your toes!3. CORRECT YOUR BUNION PERMANENTLY! The toe spacers gradually Push your Hallux Valgus joint back into alignment. Treats bunions and hammer toes.4. High quality medical grade silicone combined with a soft, comfortable, stretchable material allows the Sleeve to provide cushion and all day comfort in a small, easy to clean and reuse bundle.5. Silicone lining creates a comfortable and secure fit to prevent irritation and allow you to walk and live your life pain free the way you deserve.

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