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Organic Aloe Vera Hydra Mist Spray With Cucumber Oil Bundle - 8 fl oz PLUS 2 fl oz Travel Size!

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Earth's Daughter Organic Aloe
Vera Hydra Mist With Cucumber Oil Bundle with 8 fl oz and 2 fl oz bottle

100% Natural and 99.8% Organic
Aloe Vera gel. No coloring or artificial ingredients. U.S. grown and bottled.

It Absorbs Quickly with No
Residues as we never add any chemicals, thickeners or Water, that is why our
aloe mist has a Very Thin consistency and it’s for the whole family. Only
Organic (99.8%) and All Natural ingredients, 100% USA Produced, Grown and Bottled
in Texas.

For Outdoor Lovers; now you can
Refresh and Moisturize the whole family’s Skin, Hair and Body like never
before! We added Cucumber Oil to our Pure and Organic Aloe Vera Gel Spray to
make the experience even better and more refreshing!!!

Possibly the best Aloe Vera on
the market. Made with All Organic and Natural Ingredients. We started Earth's
Daughter because we want people to be healthy and happy. But we also started
Earth's Daughter because we were tired of seeing so many products that include
unnecessary and harmful additives and claim to be something they aren't! Our
aloe is probably the purest available on the planet without cutting the leaf
open yourself. Our aloe is thinner because it's all natural and is very easily applied
and spread (most aloe gels are usually the thickness of hair gel because they
have many additives and thickeners). Another way you can tell the integrity of
our product is by touch. Unlike many other gels, our Aloe Vera Gel doesn't
leave an oily or sticky residue. We also added cucumber oil to make the
experience as pleasant as it can be, so enjoy your new outdoors/indoors natural
spray!!  Whether you're using it to treat
sunburn, dry skin, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, acne, razor burn, insect bites,
scratches, cuts, scars, stretch marks - whether you're using it yourself, on
your baby, or your pets, enjoy natures miracle in it’s best form next to
cutting an aloe leaf!! 

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