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The Best Lice Prevention for Kids and Adults.

We really do Gotcha Covered with our anti-lice detangler. Head lice frequently spread from one person to another by close head-to-head contact. Kids in daycare, preschool and elementary school are most susceptible. Lice crawl from one person to another, using their claws to grab onto hair. Think of all the activities that bring heads together: Leaning in to watch a video on a smart device screen; hugging; lying on a friend’s pillow or blanket; trying on someone's hair ties, barrettes, hat or helmet; borrowing a comb or brush. It’s easy to imagine how lice can spread so fast and that's why the team at Gotcha Covered created this super potent lice protection product line.

First Signs of Lice Infestation.

Constant scalp itching is the primary indicator that lice are present. Dandruff-looking flakes that do not dislodge can also be a sign of a louse problem. At that point, a treatment of harsh chemicals is necessary. Make sure to have the Gotcha Covered lice prevention shampoo combo pack handy before the lice become a problem.

Prevent Lice with All Natural Gotcha Covered Products.

Kids, teens and adults can use our detangler as a preventative treatment daily for healthy hair.


We use a special combination of natural ingredients designed to promote healthy hair and scalp while repelling lice and other insects. The natural ingredients are Silk Protein, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil Extract, Sage Extract,

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