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  • SAFELY KEEP LICE AWAY EVERYDAY - Head lice are very contagious and spread due to close contact with an affected individual or their personal items. Both you and your kids may be exposed daily. The Gotcha CoveredTM team created a full line of head lice prevention products that work 24/7 to impede lice, eliminate eggs and repel other insects, yet simultaneously helps your hair be clean and healthy. Gentle for daily use. Formulated for all hair types. Also, safe for color-treated, processed hair.
  • ALL NATURAL ANTI-LICE INGREDIENTS - Our lice repellent conditioner is only made with a special blend of all natural vegan ingredients including lemongrass, rosemary, geranium extracts, tea tree oil, ginger, wild cherry bark, aloe vera and lavender. No toxic chemicals, parabens pesticides or sulfur are ever used in our natural lice treatment. Stops and soothes scalp itch from lice bites quickly.
  • PEDIATRICIAN APPROVED LICE PREVENTION - Avoid the nightmare of lice and nits with the Gotcha CoveredTM prevention for head lice products. Help kids guard against infestations by creating an impenetrable scalp barrier every time they wash their hair with our lice shampoo and conditioner. Add our leave-in detangler and alcohol-free, non-sticky styling gel for fortified protection. Use the head lice repellent spray on hair, clothing and combs or brushes to shield against other contagious children.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA FOR HEALTHY HAIR - Each of our plant-based ingredients has the dual purpose of providing the ultimate hair lice treatment while also nourishing your scalp. Men, women, teens and children can enjoy our perfect botanical mixtures that cleans hair follicles, moisturize and provide excellent style control with plenty of shine while sealing and protecting the hair. Our family sized bottles offer plenty for the whole family. Pack our travel set for your next trip.
  • 100% QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE - All of the Gotcha CoveredTM lice treatment products are made to the highest standards. Our stringent production process ensures only the best quality ingredients can be found in every product. We are so convinced that you will absolutely love our lice treatment shampoo pack as much as we do, that we stand behind it with a risk free satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Our well-trained service team is available for bend over backwards customer support.
Product description

The Best Lice Prevention for Kids and Adults.

We really do Gotcha CoveredTM with our anti-lice conditioner. Head lice frequently spreads from one person to another by close head-to-head contact. Kids in daycare, preschool and elementary school are most susceptible and that makes you exposed too. Lice crawl from one person to another, using their claws to grab onto hair. Think of all the activities that bring heads together: Leaning in to watch a video on a smart device screen; listening on one phone to a conversation; hugging; lying on a friend’s pillow or blanket; trying on someone's hair ties, barrettes, hat or helmet; borrowing a comb or brush. It’s easy to imagine how lice can spread so fast and that's why the team at Gotcha CoveredTM created this super potent lice protection product line.

First Signs of Lice Infestation.

Constant scalp itching is the primary indicator that lice are present. Dandruff-looking flakes that do not dislodge can also be a sign. When kids feel something running across their head, they usually don’t say anything. Instead, they just scratch their scalp. But without immediate attention, this can lead to not sleeping well and irritability. These combined are all indications there’s a lice problem. At that point, harsh chemicals are necessary. Make sure to have the Gotcha CoveredTM lice prevention shampoo combo pack handy before the lice become a problem features soothing scalp relief.

Prevent Lice with All Natural Gotcha CoveredTM Products.

Kids, teens and adults can use our lice shampoo treatment and conditioner combo pack with Spray Shield daily for both healthier hair and as a preventative measure. Our special combination of natural ingredients for each product in our combo pack differs. Each ingredient is designed to promote healthy hair and scalp while repelling lice and other insects.

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