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EMF Protection Device for Cell Phones

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  • EFFECTIVE EMF PROTECTION – Protect yourself against potentially harmful EMFs generated by your indispensable companion, i.e., your phone, and prevent any adverse impact of cell phone EMF on your or family’s health.
  • RELIABLE DESIGN – Employing advanced technological know-how & research, this EMF blocker, made of a special alloy of copper, silver & gold, effectively Neutralizes & Harmonizes dangerous electromagnetic waves.
  • EASY TO USE – Easily slips inside the phone back cover or cell phone case, doesn’t use any adhesive, and is, therefore, easy to remove & use in other devices – no negative impact on aesthetic appeal, nor any damage!
  • VERSATILE & SMART – Our EMF neutralizer transforms phone radiations into other harmless forms WITHOUT BLOCKING SIGNALS!
  • You will be impressed with significantly best EMF shielding, NO ANALOGS protective filter design & the fact that it’s a superior alternative to EMF cell phone sticker & radiation protection cell phone case!

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