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Digital Infant Temporal Thermometer

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DUAL MODE OPERATION: The AT2108 is a great thermometer for forehead and ears and includes surface temperature readings. It can store up to 20 temperature readings and can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Easy and simple to use, the point and click action gets measurement readings in 1 second. This digital Infrared sensor assures not only quick, but also accurate readings.

POINT & CLICK BABY THERMOMETER: Instead of using conventional methods of measurement such as Tympanic or Rectal thermometry, the AT2108 Infrared thermometer will read the temperature of the forehead at a distance of less than 5 cm.

SAFE AND HYGIENIC FOR FOREHEAD TEMPERATURE: This temporal thermometer eliminates physical contact and decreases the chance of cross contamination between users, with or without sound.

VISUAL AND AUDITORY WARNINGS: The thermometer for fever also has a visual and auditory alert for high temperatures.

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