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Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad Set Including Toy Organizer, 4 Suction Cups, Non-Slip Kneeling Pad and 4 Pocket Elbow Support, 1.5-inch Extra Thick Tub Mat

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Storage - Comfort - Peace of Mind

You’ve probably experienced difficulties bathing your toddler.

One major challenge is not having bath toys and accessories within reach. Going back and forth retrieving items around the bathroom isn't fun. The aha! baby bath kneeler gives you everything you need in one convenient location. It comes with 4 storage pockets and we also give you our mesh net organizer as an additional storage option.

Another difficulty parents experience with bathtime is pain from hard surfaces. Even if you use towels or a mat, your knees and hips eventually feel pain. Your elbows and forearms are also vulnerable to the side of the tub. Having completely dry padding for these areas is now possible. Protect your knees and elbows with our foldable bath kneeler and elbow rest made with 1.5 inches of 100% neoprene padding.

The time you spend bathing your toddler is precious. It lets you bond and interact with them in one of the earliest stages of their life.

Bath time shouldn't be spent with knee and elbow pain or going back and forth for toys, soap, and towels. You already have enough to worry about. Make bath time fun again.

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