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Baby White Noise Machine Music soothers for Sleep: Night Light Projector and Sound machine baby shusher

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SOOTHING MUSIC / SOUNDS: A mix of 10 popular lullabies, white noise, ocean waves and rainforest sounds help kids fall fast asleep; audio can be played on loop or repeat and songs won’t be cut off

STAR PROJECTOR: The nursery nightlight projects a moon and starry night sky onto any wall or ceiling; the soft colors and slow moving projection provide a comforting, dreamlike atmosphere for sleeping

CRY SENSOR: LumiPets light and sound machines also work as a baby shusher by gently lulling babies back to sleep with calming sounds so parents can rest; sensors activate after 5 seconds of crying

VOLUME / BRIGHTNESS CONTROLS: Adjust the settings to create an ideal sleep environment for your infant or toddler; the portable sleep trainer / aid is perfect for travel and a great baby shower gift

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SOFT & SAFE: A baby soother sound machine in the form of a cute lamb stuffed animal, it can be placed in a crib or strapped to the side, is USB rechargeable and has 15 / 30 minute auto off timers

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