Yayoge Poly Gel Nail Kit - 3 Colors Builder Gel for Nails

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Yayoge Cares for each nail artists and nail product home users.

You are what we truly value. To provide good quality and professional nail tools, we love to see your designs and wish to provide better tools.

Your ideas are fun and creative! We wish to provide the tools suitable for your endless potential nail arts.

Yayoge is a part of nail community and wishes to serve the community the best we can.

It is you who make us special and all we do is to provide all we have to inspire and be inspired by your nail arts!

What Include 3 Colors glitter poly gel nail kit

3*30ml poly gel

1*nail cuticle pusher

1*45ml slip solution

1*10ml base coat

1*10ml top coat

3*nail brush

2*nail file

1*100pcs Nail Tips

1*10pcs Nail Removers

More Products Introduction European Size Dual Forms 60pcs (5*12 sizes)

1. Two kinds of clear scale on the nail form surface, convenient to control the length you want and there are two shapes for you to choose from

2. Pre-numbered 1-12 on tips, easy to keep track of and convenient to choose the suitable size.

3. Special curl designed on one end, easy to take it off after applying.

High Capacity 45ml Slip Solution

1. Use :

Align the bottle mouth of the slip solution with the bottle cap, shake the bottle several times, and gently pour it into the cap, pay attention not to pour too much at once


The slip solution can help you eliminates friction for drag-free shaping. Help you put poly UV gel into place for the perfectly shaped nail easily.

10ml Base and Top Coat

1. Base Coat

Allows poly gels or gel polish to adhere to nails and stay longer.

Pretect your natural nails.

2.Top Coat

Long lasting for 21+ days with perfect shine.

Seals poly gel or gel polish & prevents chips.

Suitable for natural nails, gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.

Read more Different Ways To Use This Poly Nail Gel Kit Make poly nail gel with dual form

1. Prep your natural nails

2. Pick some nail extension gel and put on dual forms

3. Apply the gel on dual form

4. Apply the dual form and cure it

5. Remove the dual form

6. Trim and shape the nail extension gel nail

7. Apply top coat and cure it

Make poly nail gel with nail form

1. Apply the nail forms

2. Apply base coat and cure it

3. Squeeze some nail extension gel on nail forms

4. Form it to the length, thickness, and shape as you want

5. Cure it via included LED UV nail lamp for 2-3 mins.

6. File and shape it

7. Apply top coat and cure it

Decorate with nail decorations

1. Do nail extension first

2. Pick a little poly gel on your nails and put the rhinestone on it

3. Cure by lamp

4. Apply top coat and cure

Read more Decorate Your Nail With Yayoge Poly Gel Kit, Save Your Money From Nail Salon!

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