SUPERDANNY Surge Protector Power Strip Tower 3000W 13A 18 Outlet & 4.2A 4 USB Ports 6.5ft Extension Cord Desktop Charging Station 900 Joules, 3-Prong, Grounded, Multiple Protections for Home, Office

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FAQs for this SUPERDANNY Power Strip Tower:

Q1: Does power tower strip with USB port have surge protector?

A1: Yes , this power tower has 900 surge protecing Joules.

Q2: What's the cable length of this surge protector tower ?

A2: The surge protector tower has a length of 6.5ft UL-certified extension cord (16 AWG).

Q3: Will this power strip tower catch fire and burn out like the comments said?

A3: No, since we have upgraged the casing of our product with the highest rating (UL94 V-0) flame-retardant material, resistant to heat up to 1380°F, it cannot be burnt neither from inside nor outside.

SUPERDANNY Premium Power Strip Tower Designed for You!
  • Super Compatibility

With 18 AC outlets and 4 USB slots for your cell phone, Airpods, smartwatch, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, desk lamp, printer, scanner, and some other home/office appliances.

  • Retractable Cable Hidden in the Base

A 6.5ft extension cord can be hidden in the bottom of this vertical power strip so that you can better organize the messy extra cable of this standing power strip tower to have a well-ordered room!

  • Clean Up Your Desktop

Avoid the clutter and hassle of multiple device chargers by plugging all your devices into this, multi-port charger while maintaining or improving charging speed for any USB powered device.

  • Space Saving

Compared to other common power strips, our vertical charging tower saves more space. Utilizing the vertical space, saving more horizontal space, it‘s good to help with creating a cleaner and more beautiful dorm/office/home/kitchen/RV circumstance.

What Makes SUPERDANNY Power Outlet Different?
  • Double layer USB port special design
  • 2.1A max per port
  • 4.2A in total
  • Faster charging speed
  • Ideal USB port design
  • USB overload protection
Faster charging, more Practical, and a Better Choice for you!

With the high USB current condition, the number of devices Superdanny tower strip charge is more than others'.

Faster charging, more Practical, and a Better Choice for you!

3 Type of USB Charging Models : Power Strip Tower by SUPERDANNY

(With 2.1A max per port, 4.2A total)

A: 4 iPhones

B: 2 iPhones and 1 iPad

C: 2 iPads

Power Tower by Other Brands

(Which is 2.1A max per port, 2.1A in total)

A: 2 iPhones

B: 1 iPad

Check and you will find most of their USB ports are in vain.

Read more When Thunder Appears

You are burying yourself in your work on a workday afternoon, and suddenly you are interrupted by the thunder. You suddenly realize that you didn't unplug all the devices. You were very anxious because the electronic devices might be damaged by such horrible thunder. You're not in the mood to work, but you can't go home and check...

  • Surge protection
  • Lightning proof
  • Overload protection
SUPERDANNY Heaty Duty Surge Protector Tower Overload Protector: Superpower automatic shutdown

There is an internal surge protector plus power switches on this electrical socket tower, which will automatically off if there is a surge (/lightning). Also off when it's overloaded, over-current, or over-heated. Later, you need to press the switch and reset it.

  • Multi protection
  • Automatically power-off
  • Safe to use
  • No worries anymore
Read more 1382℉ Fire-retardent Materials

This USB charging station is made of ABS+PC fireproof material, UL94 V-0, the highest level fire-retardant material, it's very safe and value for money.

In addition, it utilized a high-quality copper sheet with an integrated structure that the tight plug can be plugged in for about 10,000 times without becoming loose or falling out to better prevent from causing sparks and/or a fire.

A Hidden Overload Protection Button at the Bottom Is Great Help!

For better protecting you and your home, there is a Hidden Overload Protection designed at the bottom, which is safe with no high pitched sounds. When this 10-outlet power strip is overloaded, it will automatically power-off, so that your expensive devices will not be damaged. After that, you just need to re-set it, the power strip will instantly turn on again!

Retractable Cable Hide at the Bottom

The over 6ft extension cord can be hidden at the bottom of this vertical power strip so that you can better organize the mess extra cable of this standing power strip to have a well-ordered room!

The cable is made of 100% copper wire, which power strips has a highly conductive and the cable has good flexibility.

LED Indicator & Power Switch on Each Layer

The high security LED indicator will flash to warn you if the power strip is close to being overloaded. So that you can reduce the use of the devices over time, and prevent your devices from damage

You can turn off the independent switch on each layer for energy saving when not in use.

Office Use

With 18 outlets and 4 USB ports, this multi-outlet plug strip is perfect to use in the office, such as your working desk, meeting room for many colleagues' needs.

Bedroom Use

With a 6.5ft retractable power cord and vertical design, this flexible power strip is very space-saving and good to use on your small beside the desk.

Living Room Use

This standing surge protector has over 6ft long cord, 16AWG heavy-duty, capable for any electrical device in your living room like the vacuum cleaner, fan, TV, radio and etc.

Kitchen Use

This multiple outlet power strip is very ideal for kitchen use, 13A rated current is perfect to handle the rice cooker, microwave oven, oven, soymilk machine, and so on.

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