Reusable Produce Saver Bags - BPA Free Food Saver Green Bags, Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer - 20pc XL Produce Bags

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Key Features and Advantages of EcoFresh Reusable Produce Saver bag

1. Healthy: Keep the Food’s Original Flavor and Scent

Fruits and vegetable release ethylene gas during the natural ripening process which accelerates aging and deterioration. This food saver bag slows food spoilage process and helps preserving food freshness and nutritions.

2. Economical: Reduce Food Waste, Reusable, Long Lasting and a Money Saver

More than 20% of all food is trashed every year! That is enough to feed 2 billion people annually. ACHub produce life extenders reduces plastic and food waste, helps the environment, and saves you money. Let's get Green!

3. Safe: Passes FDA Compliance, LFGB, REACH & EU-Food-Container Certifications

BPA Free, Endocrine Free, and Chemical Free. The green bags have no phthalates, dioxin, PBDE, or PCB (major environmental pollutant).

4. Convenient: Durable and Multipurpose

These lettuce keeper allow you to buy in bulk without worrying about spoilage. These banana saver bags are also great for your larger size fruits and veggies like salad, bananas, tomatoes, grapes, kale, bell peppers, corn, oranges, peaches, asparagus, mushroom, etc. Bring your EcoFresh bags to the supermarket and start storing your produce instead of those single-use plastic bags

5. A set of 20 XL bags made in S Korea. A few useful tips for the reusable green bags:

- Recommended to use a separate bag for each type of produce

- Hand-wash only. Simply rinse bag after use with cold water and air dry. Up to 10 uses per bag

- Fruit and veggies contain moisture. If moisture builds in the bag, just wipe out with a paper towel and keep contents dry during storage

- Store in the refrigerator or on the countertop, wherever you would normally store your produce

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