SUNGZU Portable Power Station 500W Power Supply, Generator for Outdoors Camping CPAP Power Outages Emergency (KA500)

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Silent Portable Power for All Your Outdoor Needs

With a large battery capacity of 500Wh, the SKA500 is a perfect portable generator for camping sites, outdoor parties, RV trips, beach trips, road trips, CPAP emergency backup and more. Its lightweight design (21.8lbs) and compact shape (15*5.0*9.6 inches) allows you to take it with you on-the-go. 3different output ports (3*USB and with one QC2.0 fast charge, 2*AC, 4*DC) can charge most of your devices, including laptop, phone, tablet, mini fan, mini cooler, drone, LED light, camera etc.

Cooling System

SKA500 built-in smart temperature control system.When internal temperature is above 45℃,cooling fan would automatically turn on until it drops to below 45℃.

UPS function

SKA500 supports charging and discharging at the same time.When the input power is less than output power, SKA500 would use its battery power to support charging, once it is low power,it would sound “Bee” to remind you to turn off the output.if not turn off the output, it would sound “Bee”until the power is less than 30% and it would automatically turn off unit.

  • Input

Adapter : 19Vdc/10A(Max)

solar panel :22Vdc-30Vdc 10A(Max)

  • DC output

USB output : 5Vdc/3.0A(Max)

QC output:5Vdc/2.0A 9Vdc/2.0A 12Vdc/1.5A

DC output:12Vdc/8.0A 19Vdc/3.5A

  • AC output

AC output:500W

Output voltage/current: 220Vac/2.28A/50Hz 110Vac/4.64A/60Hz

  • Please do not store or use this unit in humidity areas to avoid short circuit
  • SKA500 built-in battery,please do not squeeze or crash unit violently or it would case a fire
  • Without authorization,please do not disassemble or modify the unit
  • Please keep away from children
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SKA500 power station power supply for your phones, laptops, cameras and emergency power to lamps, cell phones and small devices up to 500W.

Charging time: 6hours (80W LCD TV), 19 times(4480mAh Drone), 15 hours (50W car refrigerator) , 12 hours (60W fan) ,6 times (75W laptops), 16 hours (28W lighting) 30 times(for phone 2915mAh)

Off-grid Power for CPAP

Don’t worry about the power of CPAP while camping,our SKA500 power station can help you.

It has two ways to power your CPAP: 110V AC Plug or 12V DC Plug.

Clean power with no noise and pollution,Have A Good Night's Sleep!

We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with it and turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER while powering a CPAP machine so that the power station can last a long time.

Two ways get power

1.easily be charge by solar panel ,but we suggest use 22-30V solar panel to insert into the input socket

2.By wall outlet,full charging time 5.5-7hours by AC adapter

Battery management system (BMS) for your safety that prevent over-charge, short-circuits, over-heating and more.

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Package Includes

1*SKA500 portable power station

1* AC adapter (to charge Ska500 via wall outlet)

1*5521 to 5521 connector

1*Micro USB

10*notebook conversion head

1*cigar lighter output cable

4*fuse tube


1*quick start guide

SUNGZU 1000Wh power station SUNGZU 500Wh power station SUNGZU 300Wh power station SUNGZU 200Wh power station SUNGZU 100Wh power station Capacity 1000Wh 3.7V/273000mAh 500Wh 3.7V/156000mAh 300Wh 3.7V/93600mAh 200Wh 3.7V/52000mAh 100Wh 3.7V/27000mAh AC outlet 2X 2X 2X / 1X DC output port 2X 5X 2X 2X 1X USB-A output port 4X 3X 4x 2x 2x QC output port / 1XQC2.0 / 1xQC2.0 1X 45W PD Recharging Ways wall outlet/solar panel wall outlet/solar panel wall outlet/solar panel wall outlet/solar panel/ 12V cigarette lighter socket wall outlet/solar panel LCD display / / /

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