How To Create a Song! The best Writer Book for SongWriter, a Journal to Write your Lyric Ideas, Tool for Songwriters, Music Notebook for Make Lyrics and Songs, Songwriting Maker Tools!

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This journal to write songs will help you to inspire and write in a practical way, searching for the ideal words to write, put chords and put music to your ideas! From mind to music is a book made for music lovers, people who love to write and create from nothing, a whole song!!!

It's simple, just read the first two pages to have a simple guide how to write, chord and order your ideas, to become the best writer! You can use this diary to annotate your ideas every day, no matter what you have in mind, you can write and order to create a song!

Why to write songs?

They feel like they have something to say.

Many people write because they have a message they want to share with the world. Sometimes the message is religious or moral. Sometimes it’s an attempt to share something positive with the world. Other times, the writer is promoting an idea or cause they believe in.

They were “inspired” to write.

I have had many people tell me that they just “woke up with this song in their head” or that they were “given” a song and didn’t really know where it came from. Sometimes inspiration just strikes and it seems as if we are simply writing it down as it comes to us.

An Easy way to write!

They enjoy performing and want to perform original songs.

Some people love to perform, but they aren’t into performing cover songs. So, they write their own material. Often these people are trying to define themselves as performers.

Writing is therapy.

I’ve often written simply because it feels good to bleed on paper and get it all out. In most of those instances, I had no intention of trying to get someone to record the song or even for anyone else to hear it. I just wanted to get my stuff off my chest.

Stickers included!

They want to hear others sing their songs.

These are the writers working toward the goal of hearing artists record their songs and make money from them. These writers have to work differently, because they are trying to speculate what an artist might say and to become a “voice” for that artist.

They simply love the process of writing.

These writers just like to write. So they do. Not for anyone else. Not to get something worked out. Just for the satisfaction of having written.

Our purpose as a company is to help people with limited resources to fulfill their dreams of playing an instrument. A part of each sale will be donated to a foundation that provides musical instruments to children who want to be musicians! Thanks for helping us fulfill our daily purpose, now you're part of it!


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