Leg Massager Compression, Rechargable Air Slabway Foot Massager Machine for Circulation and Restless Legs Syndrome Relief, Best Gifts for Women Men

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About the foot leg massager:

Upgrade rechargeable design: The leg massager for circulation is equipped with a built-in chargeable battery. You can enjoy a deep massage wherever and whenever. use for two hours for one full charge.

4 MODES & 3 MASSAGE INTENSITIES: The leg massager is designed with all-round airbags to massage thoroughly from calves to toes. Several modes and intensities satisfy most of the demand.

15 Minutes auto-off setting makes the massager safe to use.

Adjustable size:The velcro design makes it easy to adjust the foot massager for home use size to fit different person size.

Powerful massage effect: The massage boots are excellent for increasing the blood circulation, relieving fatigue and pain.

Kindly notes:

  • This leg massager in the market is designed to simulate hands compressing and squeezing, it helps to relax our legs and improve circulation. It doesn't vibrate and kneading, and there are no rollers inside.
  • Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from skin infections, high blood pressure, use a pacemaker, or another serious medical condition.
Rechargable & Cordless

The air leg massager is rechargeable & cordless comes with a 2000 MA built-in battery. 2 hours for one full charge. The light on the button turns green while charging means it is full charge.

4 Mode Massage

There are 2 modes on the controller and 2 connection way, so there is 4 massage way. Some massage will only massage one calf first, it is the normal mode process, not defective.

15 Minutes Auto-off Setting

The auto-off setting can make you use it with confidence when you feel tired, especially helpful for the elderly, without worrying about forgetting to turn it off. If you want to use it more, just restart it.

A Perfect Gift

This leg and foot massager can be used at home or in the office for daily relaxation, relieve pain and improve the health of the body. It would be a great gift to dad mom and the elderly, any of your loved ones!

Read more Relieve Fatigue & Pain

Sedentary computer office workers;

Senior management;

IT staff;

High-tension and high pressure workers;

People who stand for long time;

People who often wear high heel shoes

Improve Circulation

Middle-aged and elderly people;

People Who have poor circulation;

People who feel soreness and pain in legs.

Relax Muscles

People who often go to the gym;

People who have a long trip;

People who often biking, dancing, climbing;

People who enjoy Yoga;

People who finish workout or training.

Read more How to use it?

1. Long press controller power button for 5 seconds to check if there is electricity. If not, please charge it for two hours first untill the button light turns green. If so, just continue step 2.

2. Put your legs into the correct wrap: right leg into “ R ”, left leg into “ L ”.

3. Get on the velcro. Don’t wrap too tight, it is recommended to leave a gap that you can put 2 fingers in it.

4. Plugin the connector into the corresponding hole of the handheld controller as you like. There are two ways to connect.(UP&Down, Right&Left ). The connector must be plugged in completely.

5. Long press the power button for 5 seconds, the leg massager will start to work.

6. Press the modes,then the intensity button to enjoy a wonderful massage.

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