K Comer Shipping Label Printers High Speed 4x6 Commercial Direct Thermal Printer Labels Maker Machine for Shipment Package, Compatible with Amazon Ebay Shopify Etsy UPS on Windows/Mac/Linux

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K Comer 1000PCS Thermal Shipping Label 4 x 6- Fanfold Sticker Label 2 Stack K Comer 700 PCS Shipping Label 4x6 Direct Thermal Labels for UPS USPS (2 Rolls) Model 1000PCS Fanfold Label 700PCS Roll Label Function Size:4"X6" Size:4"X6" Applicable K COMER RE418/CX418/RX416/RX106F/RX416HD/RX106HD, Other thermal label printer K COMER RE418/CX418/RX416/RX106F/RX416HD/RX106HD, Other thermal label printer, Not for Dymo Advantage Strong density & adhesive. Cost-effective Strong density & adhesive. Cost-effective Features

  • Easy to set up, Print via USB cable for Windows PC/MacBook. install the driver, and feed labels, the printer will automatically catch the label and Identify the size.
  • The bright orange & white design, You can easily find it in the office/warehouse/supermarket.
Label printing becomes more economical and simple

Comer RX416 printer is reliable in quality, and the maintenance method is also very simple. Just use alcohol swab every few days to clean the print heads. Combined with these advantages, the RX416 is highly efficient.

*We work through all the detailed steps in the USB disk along with the printer. We suggest carefully reading the instructions and videos. will help a lot.

Read more Dual Sensor

Dual media sensors ensure the K COMER RX416 shipping thermal label printer accurately positioned when printing.When loading paper, the printing side must face up, and the printer can automatically adjust the paper position.

Anti Skid Function

Four Non-slip mats designed no the bottom. Easy to stay on smooth or sloping tabletop. There are 36 holes at the bottom to prevent the printer from overheating.

Heat dissipation function

RX416 comes with an industrial-grade heat dissipation function, which protects the printer from overheating due to prolonged use.So that You can have a continuous printing experience, thus attaining high printed labels quickly.

Read more High Printing Speed -----150 mm/s

The printing speed is 150 mm/sec (6 inches/sec). The label printer can work continuously for more than 12 hours. Print 5000 orders per hour, high efficiency.

Automatic Labels Identification

Pressing the blue button at the top, Comer printer will automatically detect the size and characteristics of the label. This way you can load labels quickly and easily.

High Printing Quality (203dpi)

Japanese ROHM printer head, High printing quality (203 dpi). meets UPS printing standard.

Printing labels clearly is the most important mission of a printer.

Latest appearance mold

RX416 uses the brand's latest design, the printer's cover is smooth, More smaller seams , This makes RX416 look more refined and simple, the internal layout is more reasonable, The weight of each part of the printer is even.

Read more Specifications Method Direct Thermal Resolution 203 dpi Max Printing Speed 150 mm/s Connection USB Max Printing Width 104mm(4.1inch) Paper Width 38mm-118 mm Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux Label Media Paper Type Continuous Paper, Label Paper, Black Mark Paper Logistics Compatible UPS/ Fedex/USPS/DHL/Amazon/Ebay...etd Automatic Recognition Always print from the first piece of label Special Material Print Head Can always work in a dust environment Selling Point Small size portability Question 1

Q: Can it use different size labels?

A: Prints labels up to 4.72'' in width including 4''x6''/4''x4''/4''x2''/4''x1''/3''x2''/2.25''x1.25''/2x1''main labels, Labels under 4.72 inches wide can be printed.

Question 2

Q: Why is the printer's indicator flashing red and hear beeps ?

A: Red light indicates a problem with your label installation. Most likely, COMER Printer need to relearn your label.

Please ensure there are multiple labels available to COMER Printer and then run the automatic label identification. Simply press and hold the top button on COMER Printer. And release the button until you hear 2 beeps. COMER Printer will then move labels back and forth to learn the size and other properties of the labels.

If automatic label identification does not work or bright red light yet, please turn off COMER Printer by using the power switch on the back and turn on again.

Question 3

Q: Why is my Printer unresponsive and not working?

A: Is your printer connected to your computer through a data cable?

Is the printer turned on?

Is the label properly placed (make sure it is thermal label)?

If you do all three, when the machine is turned on, you press the button on the top of the machine for seconds. When you hear a beep or see a flash of the indicator light, release it. The machine will print out a self-check information page to ensure that the machine is working properly.

Question 4

Q: Why are there some white spots in the printed labels?

A: According to customer experience, It’s likely that the Printer head dirty.

Please turn off the KCOMER printer, wait for it to cool down, you can use alcohol cotton wipes to wipe the printer head clean (the area in the frame below is the print head). You can buy 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes at supermarket, convenience store, drugstores, grocery stores and on Amazon. After the parts have dried for 2-3 minutes, you can turn on the COMER printer again.

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